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Have you ever wanted Mystery Dungeon or Etrian Odyssey style movement for your game? The Turn-Based Movement plugin will allow just that, making each event wait for the player to move before moving themselves.

If events are set to different speeds from the player they will move at different rates. For example, an event set to x2 Slower will move one time  for every 2 moves the player makes, while an event set to x2 Faster will  move two times for every 1 move the player makes, assuming the player's  speed is set to Normal.

You can also put a notetag inside events to make them move independently from the turn-based system.

Fully compatible with Yanfly Engine plugins such as YEP Movement Core.

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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IsiahTurnBasedMovement v1.0 9 kB


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hello I would like to reproduce via a plugin all the mechanics of the pokemon games white and black version and I want everything to be fully customizable graphics interfaces etc ..., how much will it cost me please? finally if you created it for me of course

Hello, thank you for your interest. Please send your plugin request to myth.atelier@gmail.com. We will evaluate it and have a quote ready for you within a few days :)