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Want more control over the amount of EXP a player receives at the end of a battle? This ExpMultiplier plugin allows you to tie EXP earned to up to 3 variables you can manipulate throughout your game. 

The formula for this plugin:

        newExp = OldExp * (A / 100) * (B / 100) + C

You can change the values of A, B, and C at any time throughout your game, giving you a huge amount of control over how much EXP the player gets. Reward them for doing well, punish them for doing poorly, give them a bonus as an equipment effect, give them the option to turn off EXP growth entirely.

New to v1.1:

  • New parameter gives you control over how the resulting change rounds decimal point numbers


Want even MORE control? Buy ExpLunatic, which allows you to inject code directly into the EXP formula.

That means YOU decide how many variables factor into EXP earned. It also means you can define and set variables and even call functions within the EXP gaining portion of the battle victory screen.

Built into the help section of the plugin are several examples of what this plugin is capable of, including:

  • The exact same formula used for ExpMultiplier
  • A Paper Mario style of EXP gain
  • A 15% variance of EXP gain
  • A system where you gain one less EXP every battle.

Entirely new systems of EXP gain are possible with ExpLunatic.

New to v1.1:

  • Add note tags to enemies to give them their own EXP formula

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Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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