Starting a New Journey (v.0.1.0)

Hello everyone,

Since we made Garden Variety for the Extra Credits Jam, we have been getting a lot of good feedback from folks and so we think it's time to announce that Myth Atelier will be taking Garden Variety on as our next project. We hope to over the next few months deliver a vertical slice demo of the game where the player can play in Season or Endless modes with more Cards, improved UI and better effects. We are excited to explore the design space in Garden Variety as it is such a unique combination of different genres. 

Features in Version 0.2 to look forward to:

- Fleshed out "Spring" Season gameplay, have Plants that correspond to the season and effects that are thematic to it

- Improve UI such that it takes up less of the screen and is more responsive to the needs of the player (slides in and out, highlights POIs)

- Add in a number of new Plant and Action Cards to facilitate new avenues of gameplay, incorporate playtest feedback as it comes

We ask for your patience as we try to figure out what the game "is" before we go forward with getting it published. Your feedback during this time of pre-Alpha development will be invaluable in shaping the game to come. We hope to deliver you the best version of Garden Variety in the end!


Myth Atelier Team


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Sep 01, 2020

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