Much Needed Patch ... and More to Come!

Hey all,

Hope you have been doing well. MythAtelier is busy at work on some larger projects which we will be bringing to itch soon. Until then, we have decided to go back through some of our old jam games and give them much needed patches to improve their playability. Here's the notes on this v0.1.1 Patch:

-Fixed bug where shop card text disappears after the screen blurs

-Made it so selected card is no longer selected when you click End Turn

-Fixed bug where drawing a card that doesn't exist will spawn a blank card. Instead you simply don't draw a card

-Fixed bug where tiles adjacent to pests would always register as being adjacent to pests even after pests were removed

-Made it so once the shop is fully upgraded, the upgrade button disappears

These may be small changes but they are paving the way for bigger changes to Garden Variety in the future. Ultimately we want folks to be happy with the games we have available and for them to feel like complete experiences. Visual and design patches are in the works for Garden Variety in the future so look for to those in the future :)


MythAtelier Team

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Apr 24, 2021

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