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Join the Monsters of Snowdrift Valley in their annual celebration of the Mid-Winter Festival! Monsters play in an a ritual game of Scramble where they must work together as a team to brave the icy lake to rescue the Sacred Egg in the middle and bring it safely back to their side while keeping the other team at bay. The winning Team takes home the Scramble Cup for the year!

Inspired by games like Pyre, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Into the Breach, Snowdrift Scramble combines the chaos of Ice Hockey with the team tactics of Rugby wrapped up in a whimsical fantasy setting with adorable Monsters :)


This game is played using the Keyboard and Mouse.

  • W / A / S / D - Pan Camera
  • Q / E - Rotate Camera
  • Spacebar - Center Camera on Current Unit
  • Middle Mouse Wheel - Zoom In / Out Camera
  • Left Mouse Button - Select Action / Tile
  • Right Mouse Button - Cancel Selected Action

How to Play

Each Player has a team of Monsters who they must use to capture the Sacred Egg and bring it back to their Goal Area. Players alternate taking turns to have Monsters on their team perform up to two Actions on their turn. All Monsters can perform each of the following Actions once:

Move a Monster in a direction. If they are Moving on Ice tiles, they will keep moving until they hit another Monster, a Wall or a Ground tile. If they hit another Monster, additional Movement may occur based on their Weights.

Throw Snow
Throws a magical Snow Ball at another Monster (ally or enemy) lowering their temperature by one step.  Projectiles need to have unblocked line-of-sight for this Action to be successful.

Throw Fire
Throws a magical Fire Ball at another Monster (ally or enemy) raising their temperature by one step. Projectiles need to have unblocked line-of-sight for this Action to be successful.

Throw Egg
Only appears when a Monster is in possession of an Egg. They can throw the Egg to another Monster (ally or enemy) and give them possession of the Egg instead.

End Turn
Monsters end their Turn passing to the next Monster in the Turn Order.

Instead of Health, Monsters have to manage Temperature. If their Temperature falls too low, they become Frozen and can't act for their next 2 Turns. If their Temperature rises too high, they start Burning up and will panic moving randomly causing nearby Monsters to also catch Fire for their next 2 Turns.

Monsters in possession of the Sacred Egg can score by either running into their Goal Area or throwing the Egg to a Monster in their Goal area to score a point! If however, they become Frozen or Burning while holding the Sacred Egg, they will drop the Egg allowing other Monsters to snatch it up instead.

The first team to score 2 Points wins the game!


Music tracks from Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech). This game was developed in Unity 2019 as a submission to 32-Bit Holiday Jam 2020.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreStrategy, Sports
TagsCute, Fantasy, Feel Good, Isometric, Low-poly, Monsters, Tactical, Turn-based, Unity


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This was an interesting tactics game premise. Makes me think of Pyre. I wish that the teams had different colors to make it clear whose team was whose. I thought that the heat/cold mechanic was interesting, but could have been explained a bit better. But hey, limited time.

Overall, outside of those nitpicks, this was a cool concept. I can imagine a simpler tutorial mission with fewer characters, but boy do I know how hard AI can be. Good work!

Thank you for playing! Pyre was definitely a big influence. And yeah, given more time we would have loved to tutorialized better. We should be doing an update in about a week or two putting in some of the unfinished/missing features and requests that players have made. If folks enjoy it, we'll consider developing it even further :)