Defeat the Mnemesis. Save your nephew. Try not to forget.

Your name is Med, and you are the greatest sorcerer alive, for you are willing to pay the ultimate price: your memories. The Mnemesis, a creature of unspeakable power, has taken your beloved nephew, leaving only you to save him—but for every spell you cast, you will lose something of your past…

What about your beloved wife, long gone from this world? Or will you make this your last battle, and forsake the spells as you cast them? Perhaps it’s enough just to save your nephew, and the time you two spent together is a small price to pay for his life. What will you miss when it’s gone?

Your name is Med, and to save your nephew, you will have to fight—and forget.

  • Fight the Mnemesis blow-for-blow, matching its might with power from your Memories.
  • Uncover glimmers of a rich and storied life with each spell, knowing it will be lost with each cast.
  • Discover up to 5 different endings. Each more heartbreaking than the last ...

Content Warnings: body horror, death of a spouse, memory loss and dementia, child harm/endangerment

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Images from Angela Roma, Vicious Speed, Javier Balseiro, Laker, Nitin Arya, Brett Sayles, Pixabay.

Fonts from Typodemric Fonts Inc., Tobias Benjamin Köhler, Twicolabs Foundation, Ronin Labs.

Sound Effects from Kenney Asset Packs and thecrow_br (

Icons from

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Wonderfully written!


this fucked me up. Very good game.


Wow this is so good! Really enjoyed it. Was able to get 4 endings so far I think. My first playthrough I had no idea what was going on and ran out of memories, but I figured out some better strategies after that.

Ran into a small issue where the ending text would sometimes jump to page 2 really fast so I missed some of the story.

Thanks for the game!


Thank you for playing our game! Will add a small UI prompt that will wait for player input before it hops to the next page in our next patch :)